how much do Instagram influencers earn
How to become an influencer

How can you earn if you’re an Influencer?

Where do Instagram bloggers look for advertisers?
There are several options for how brands find influencers for their advertising campaigns:

  • Advertisers are looking for Instagram bloggers on their own, attract influencer managers with a database of contacts, and ask for recommendations from colleagues;
  • They hire a marketing agency that deals with the placement of materials;
  • Brand owners use influencer platforms and collaborate with bloggers through the platforms like: Grin or
  • Large Instagram influencers are much easier to find than micro- and nano influencers, and they are the ones who inspire the greatest confidence in the audience. To find them, you either need to be in the crowd, or perfectly understand the market. For this reason, the second and third search options are increasingly popular, in 2019 alone, more than 380 new agencies and Instagram influencer marketing platforms appeared in the United States.

For Instagram bloggers with a small audience, Instagram blogger platforms can be an opportunity to make themselves known to brands. The more sites the author cooperates with, the more chances there are to earn money from advertising publications or at the expense of CPA by placing affiliate links and receiving percentages from sales.

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