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Instagram influencer salary

Instagram influencer rates: how much do influencers charge in 2022?

“An advertising post on the Instagram accounts of the highest-paid Instagram influencers and bloggers costs an average of $4,000. This amount is requested by actors, producers, and showmen with more than 2 million followers”.

 Instagram influencer pricing on average

We studied 3,500 unique Instagram influencers and bloggers and found out the cost of one advertising placement in Stories and posts for each of them. Depending on the size of the audience, analysts divided all bloggers into groups and indicated median prices per story:

  • top bloggers (from 2 million Instagram followers) -$4,000;
  • large (1-2 million Instagram followers) — $1000;
  • average (500 00-1 million Instagram followers) — $600;
  • mini (100,000-500,000 Instagram followers) — $200;
  • micro (50,000-100,000 Instagram followers) — $100;
  • nano (10,000-50,000 Instagram followers) — $50.

Thus, not all top bloggers have sponsored Instagram posts as expensive as actors, showmen, etc. The lowest paid in this group are bloggers who talk about style, clothing, and fashion — $ 1,500 per advertisement.

Among the major bloggers, comedians and comedians earn the most from sponsored Instagram posts — $2000 per post. They also ask for the biggest price tag among nano bloggers — $70. The authors in the categories “Nutritionists and doctors”, “Family and children” and “Personal blog” ask for the least amount of money for a sponsored Instagram post — $30.

Why do businesses use Instagram influencer marketing?

Why pay bloggers for the sponsored Instagram post if there is targeted advertising on Instagram?

Advertising from bloggers on social networks is a type of marketing when brands cooperate with an opinion leader in their industry. An opinion leader is a person, a blogger, who is trusted by his audience. The blogger’s audience is the target audience of the company. An opinion leader can encourage his followers to use a brand product or service. Everything is simple and logical.

Targeted advertising is not as effective as the advice of a person you trust. This is how it works for me and millions more people.

Targeted advertising

Factors to consider before ordering a sponsored post on Instagram

To understand how much you are willing to pay a blogger for advertising, first decide on:

  • The amount of advertising on the Instagram influencer account. 

If the channel has a lot of sponsored Instagram posts on different topics, keep in mind that the return on advertising may be quite small. People get used to advertising and just stop noticing it. It makes no sense to leave the entire advertising budget on such a channel.

  • The format of the sponsored post.

 A video is more expensive than a post, and a post is more expensive than an advertisement in stories, which will disappear in a day. The logic is simple – the more work is required, the more expensive the service.

  • The goals of the Instagram campaign with Instagram influencers. 
  • Do you need sales? Look for bloggers with an adult paying audience. 
  • Do you need followers? Look for bloggers with a large audience. 
  • If you need to increase brand awareness – then large coverage of Instagram bloggers’ publications will be appropriate. 

The cost of advertising will vary depending on the goals of the campaign.

cost of advertising

  • The type of Instagram blogger

If your company sells luxury watches with the lowest check of $ 1,000, you need an Instagram influencer whose target audience trusts him in matters of expensive cool things. Smart bloggers understand this too. That’s why opinion leaders who can reach an audience with a tight purse put higher prices on their services than bloggers with a much larger, but teenage audience.

Do not forget about bloggers who are ready to work by barter. Then the advertising budget will meet the delivery price and the cost of the product.

How to calculate the effectiveness of advertising from bloggers

Instagram has long been not only an entertainment platform but a useful tool for business. From 2017-to 2022, businesses began to massively use advertising from bloggers, and by the beginning of 2021, it had already become clear that influencers are a good source of orders. In addition, the cost of such advertising may be lower than in other channels.

At the same time, of course, it is extremely important to choose the right influencer. And here two important factors come to the fore:

  • The audience’s trust in the blogger. It’s one thing to have a banner on a website or a recommendation in a search, but it’s another if a well-known person recommends some product or service.
  • A blogger has a motivated audience. For example, it makes sense to advertise pots from a blogger who posts recipes, and it is advisable to promote the mailing service through a marketing blogger.

Analyze while doing Instagram influencer marketing

The cost of action

The cost of followers, lead, or order is the amount that the target action you need costs. 

For example, you paid $500 to a blogger and launched targeted advertising for the same amount. We received 20 orders from one blogger, and 10 from targeted advertising. As a result, the cost of advertising is the same, but the cost of attracting an order is $10 and $20. In this case, it is twice as profitable for you to invest in advertising from a blogger.


CPM is the cost of 1000 impressions. If you advertise an Instagram influencer or a blogger, not all of his subscribers will see it. It’s good if at least 50%.

facts for an Instagram bloggers

Five facts for an Instagram bloggers

  1. Bloggers who publish photos with their pets more often than others ask for 50% more for advertising, with cars — by 90%.
  2. The more often a blogger posts on Instagram, the higher the average cost of an advertising story. And it is the number of videos that is important. Those who prefer this format can claim a margin of 20%.
  3. Users with a detailed description of their account receive an average of 20% less per placement. Practice shows that top bloggers and stars strive to describe their accounts as succinctly as possible. 
  4. Users who publish information about cosmetics more often than others ask for 20% less for advertising. 
  5. The authors of Instagram accounts with a lot of photos of children receive 25% more for advertising. Having children attracts an audience that reacts as positively as possible to the content.

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