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How much do Instagram influencers earn? Spying @Matildadjerf manually + Instagram calculators

Instagram is a platform that has become a means of stable income for many users. More than 1 billion people with a variety of interests and opportunities are registered on the service. Everyone’s favorite bloggers and influencers also live there and can boast both popularity in the media sphere and six-digit zeros on accounts. Therefore, today we will analyze how much bloggers earn on Instagram.

Spy influencer disclaimer:

We played dirty and calculated what amounts of money theoretically pass through the accounts of the popular Instagram blogger. But we did it not to condemn the new millionaires, but on the contrary, to show you what a wonderful time we live in and tell you how much you can earn on Instagram. Let’s try to cheer up — you can do it also.

How do Instagram influencers earn?

It’s easy for a famous person to become a top Instagram blogger: every post about an event in the life of a star, whether it’s the birth of a child (@rosiehw), a vacation to Tulum (@leoniehannwe), or a divorce with a husband (@kimkardashian) becomes an informational occasion for both glossy magazines and the media. They don’t bother much with the content of “tops”: why, if fans already love them and come by themselves, organically?

It’s not easy for ordinary Instagrammers to grow in such a competitive environment: they have to invent something interesting to please the audience. 

Creative people keep their accounts for themselves and their fans. They do not exchange for advertising, but they are happy to agree to creative collaborations with brands. At the same time, they are most often called to become “ambassadors” of the brand. Advertising in such accounts is not perceived as “jeans”, which attracts many large advertisers.

Instagram influencers cooperate with advertisers.

This option is one of the most common and profitable. Bloggers on Instagram can themselves send requests for cooperation with any brand by writing. Or the advertiser himself comes to the influencer for advertising.

If you look at bloggers with a small audience of 20 thousand, for example, then the cost of publication already reaches several thousand. And the post of a millionaire, a celebrity, is paid for by several hundred thousand at all. Opinion leaders on Instagram use this method. He’s the one proven and profitable. Starting from this, one can imagine how much media personalities earn. And that is the method that is most likely to be calculated clearly.

This way of earning money is suitable for those who are engaged in professionally defined activities. Simply put, he promotes his brand and his business on social networks. Due to the promotion of the profile on Instagram followers go for a particular service or product. The more followers attracted, the more money they earn. Or that can be a stable and closing cost for a post or a Story. Instagram is a tool that turns the wheel of profit. And we are going to spy earnings from posts with ads on the Instagram account of an Instagram influencer Matilda Djerf.

How much does an Instagram influencer earn? Fashion blogger Matilda Djerf’s calculations

From April 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022, 14 advertising posts were published on Matilda’s Instagram. It is impossible to say for sure, but if each such post was posted for $10,000, then the total amount was $140,000

Matilda advertises beauty salons, clothing and shoe stores

Advertising in the profile of Djerf cannot be called intricate: of course, these are mostly good photos of the star with the product, but there are also advertising layouts. In addition to the “third-party”, the fashion influencer’s account also has an advertisement for her clothing brand @djerfavenue, which has 349 thousand subscribers.

So how much does Matilda earn from her account?

14 advertising posts for $ 10,000 = $140,000 per month

And this is without taking into account the advertising collaboration with a fashion brand @MichaelKors – for which influencers of this level charge at least $ 100,000.

(An ambassador is a person who represents a brand to a specific target audience. His or her goal is to show the product from the best side, and associate it with himself so that followers want and purchase products. And the brand pays the blogger a salary.)

Alternative earnings of Instagram influencer Matilda Djerf with Influencer calculator

We also decided to use the services of influencer calculators in order not only to test experimentally but also to look at other points of view –

for example, automated income calculation takes into account the statistics of bloggers’ earnings depending on the number of subscribers in their accounts and audience engagement.

and that’s what we got:

Influencer calcualator 1. (influencermarketinghub)
Estimated Earnings Per Post: $4,604.25 — $7,673.75

Influencer calcualator 2. (inzpire)
Estimated Earnings Per Post: $11,300 — $13,000

Influencer calcualator 3. (inbeat)
Estimated Earnings Per Post: $20,900 — $28,200

That is, thanks to data from three different influencer calculators, we have formed a new vision of how many Instagram influencer with 2.3M followers earns.

The average between the three indicators is $14000 per post on her Instagram. And according to this average value – we will recalculate – and it turns out: 

Matilda earned about $196 from her Instagram account in April 2022. Plus a sponsored post from Michael Kors.

Finally, about influencers’ salary

Of course, you can write to all influencers directly to clarify the cost of a sponsorship post specifically for your brand. However, this article is not intended to give the exact prices of the blogger, but rather to orient about the approximate ones: this is especially important when you compare 10-15 bloggers and choose the most convenient for advertising your products. Or, more importantly, you want to become a blogger and are trying to calculate what kind of earnings you expect if you achieve a certain indicator of an engagement or the number of subscribers 

If you’re going to become an Instagram influencer

By the way, if you are reading this with the desire and intention to become an Instagram blogger and monetize your account, it is worth considering these points:

  1. It is worth first of all to turn to the advertising exchanges. There are registered bloggers and customers who are aimed at advertising on blogs.
  2. It is important to discuss the details of payment and cooperation from and to, so as not to get into contentious situations.
  3. It is necessary to correctly approach the interaction with the advertiser. It is important to follow the terms of reference, but at the same time add your manner and style of presentation, so as not to lose the trust of the audience.
  4. Regular posting of ads can alienate subscribers, so it’s worth filtering the amount of advertising in the blog.

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